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Admission Rules & Regulations

Admission Rules & Regulations

The school timing are 

Primary: 9:30 am to 3.50 pm

Secondary and Higher Secondary: 7:30 am to 1:50 pm

A student should be punctual, polite and obedient. Any kind of misbehavior can be the cause of termination.

School  will not hand over the ward to any person except his parents during school hours.

The students are not allowed to bring any kind of electronics gadgets in the school premises.

On school days, except the students birthday, they should wear only school uniform.

The students are also not allowed to bring any outside and junk edibles in the school.

Written leave application must be submitted for the leave in advance only. In case of illness or other emergency circumstances , the students must produce the leave application on returning day to school.

The damage of school property done by the ward must be compensated  by parents.

The school reserves all the rights with it regarding academics.

All above rules and regulation must be followed by the students and their parents.