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Mission’s Motto

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Mission’s Motto


The ethics of Swaminarayan cult came into existence by Lord Shri Swaminarayan during 18th Century. This cult is exists on the philosophy of realistic mysticism, with an objective to bring divine virtues, leading the right path of Dharma, introspecting the consequences of Karma and to lead a journey of inclusive life to attain salvation. 

The Swaminararayan community is pure in nature and works with an ulterior motive to drive the society towards ethical upliftment by providing frequent discourse - Temples, grooming educational philosophies- Educational Institutions, healing the mental and physical ailments - Medical Facilities. The holy saints are endless fountain of heavenly thoughts removing all the ignorance and guiding mankind towards a better life.

Our beloved HDH Shri Nilkanthcharandasji Swami is a divine soul originated from the Swaminararayan Sect has a great idea to serve the society by providing right kind of education - Shiksha. The spring of inspirations fountained from the Holy Scripture "Shiksha Patri” highly seeded him, to establish educational institutions. 

Dreams realized into reality from 2002....  
To accomplish the aim of the institution and to provide exposure to the students for preparing them to evolve social, moral, physical, aesthetic and personal skills at large, conduction of many activities  helped Missionites  to learn, love and live an  complete human life.


Faster progressive thinking among the Missionites by employing latest instruction technology

Imbibing Indian culture and heritage faced with spirituality

Acquiring wholesome growth of the student

Providing excellence in educational provision with initiatives and inquisitive mind

Enhancing and identify hidden caliber providing ample of opportunities for character building