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Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Hostellers should follow  the daily routine of the hostel and school as per hostel rules and schedule given in the hostel rules and the time table of the school respectively.

 Students should not indulge in any illegal and/or unethical activities in the hostel premises.

No hostellers will be provided any leave or break during the schedule period of the school mentioned in the hostel rules under the leaves rules.

All the hostellers should make their telephone calls as per the telephone schedule.

No visitors will be allowed to meet their parents and relatives without prior permission.

No hostellers are allowed to keep any kind of eatables in their rooms or in their cupboards. No hosteller to bring any food (lunch, dinner) from outside the school premises.

All hostellers have to follow the rules strictly.

No hostellers will organize any kind of meeting in the hostel premises to unite the students for any kind of violate thoughts.

No hostellers will indulge himself alone or along with other hostellers in any kind of violative activity during the hostel hours or in the school.

No hostellers will do any kind of act which will disturb the school atmosphere and school society as a whole.

Neither the students not their visitors are allowed to bring or consume liquor, drugs or any other intoxicants in the hostel premises. Severe action will be taken against those in possession of drugs or found under their influence.

No hostellers should ever instigate the other student into a any sort of indiscipline or any sort of act which will hamper the other students physically or mentally.

No hostellers should disobey or to lend any amount of money from co-hostellers.

No hosteller will take or snatch any money from co-hostellers or from the day boarder by force or by threatening them.

All hostellers should respect each other’s belongings.

No hostellers will spoil any article of the school hostel which is provided to them for their daily use or the appliances things affords in the hostel.

All the hostellers are responsible for their belongings any negligence on their part will be their responsibility.

Any loss of their valuable articles will be their personal loss as they are not allowed to keep any valuable articles in their possession during their stay in hostel.

No hostellers should have habit of smoke or consumption of alcohol gutkha or any kind of pan masala chewing of tobacco.

No hosteller is allowed to keep playing cards in his possession or gamble which will be strictly punished by school authorities.

No hostellers will behave in a different manner keeping in his mind difference of caste/race or religion.

All the hostellers should respect the religion of the co-hostellers.

All the hostellers should maintain the plants and trees which are in the hostel premises.

No hostellers are allowed to keep their hair long and have awkward hairstyle.

No hostellers should posses any kind of sharp articles like knives, sword etc.

No hostellers should use abusive language while talking to their colleagues.

No hosteller is allowed to keep cellular phone in his possession.

All the hostellers are bound by the school rules given in the school diary.

No hosteller is allowed to keep any electrical gadgets like Electric Kettle, Tape Recorder, Heater, Iron etc. in his possession.

No hostellers  are allowed to invite day scholar colleagues to the hostel premises for their personal interaction or any other reason.

No hostellers are allowed to keep their hair long.

Smoking, consumption of alcoholic drinks and use of narcotic drugs in the hostel premises is strictly prohibited.

Students are not permitted to keep-in-their possession, room crackers, dangerous weapons, fire arms, contraband items or instrument that can cause serious injury to other.