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Shri Viveksagardasji Swami
Director Shri

Director Shri

Shri Swaminarayan Mission deriving its inspiration from the holy quotations
originating from Shikshapatri

"To teach others whatever we learnt and spread the
divine knowledge all over the world"

Lord Shri Swaminarayan has written in Shikshapatri to spread moral and spiritual
values and good learning. To achieve this goal and to spread this noble message, we
established this educational institution.

Shri Swaminarayan Mission School aims to transform each individual by giving
them the power, opportunities and culture to attain the highest level of humanity and
spirituality. The school fully believes in all-round education comprises academic
excellence, blended with ethics, virtuous character and noble values.
The management of this educational recognizes national unity and Vedic
philosophy as integral aspect of education. It envisages cultivating among its pupils the
ideas with their physical mental as well as spiritual development. The personal of the
management are all set to achieve these purpose. This school inculcates in students the
feeling of the patriotism, national integration and the feeling of world brotherhood and
this to makes their better citiens of the country. Students feel proud of being students
of this school.