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From the Principal’s Desk

Welcome to Shri Ramkrishna Harikrishna academy managed by "Shri Swaminarayan Mission". As we know that school is an abode of goddess Saraswati, the goddess of learning where pupils are shaped and trained for the life ahead.

Guruji rightly said in Sanskrit:       

Means knowledge is the best way and hidden wealth for every human. Knowledge generates desire, aspiration and foster fame and ecstasy. And so, it is said that knowledge is the principality of learners  and it must be attained with austerity.

With the divine blessings of Lord Swaminarayan and Param Pujya Guruji, our school is considered as an Oasis in the desert of ignorance. Our school is a unique and most innovative institution of learning as we strongly believe in the total development of the student. Because they are the stepping stones of the next generation. The school provides high quality education with a diverse range of culture and creativity. We mainly emphasis on devotion, dedication and development of students innate inquisitives. We have holistic approach for multi dimensional growth of the learners.

We acknowledge that students are the building blocks of our school and nation at large. So, we inculcate values in the young minds like spirituality, patriotism, compassion, industriousness and distinct way of life besides formal education. The complete personality of the learners blossoms with the assistance of pious Gurus who stand like light-houses of inspiration for the betterment of the student.

We often endeavor to provide diverse learning to the students which enables them to think creatively and explore their slumbering skills in the joy of learning.