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Hostel Activities

Hostel Activities

Apart from educational activities, the students’ all round personality development is taken care by tailored arranging extra circular activities like Dialogues, Debates, Quiz, Folk dance, Spiritual Songs, Hostel Nights, Fields and track activities, competition in football, volleyball, chess, carom, badminton, etc.

Occasionally, Mahapooja and Yagnas are performed as a prayer or ‘anusthan’ on the religion festival.

Round the year, the Hostellers expose themselves through the field trips, religious temples & ashrams and educational tours accompany by the Saints and teachers.

The spiritual and experienced Sadhus of the institution provide moral and personal support to each student. The  holy  Saints remain in personal contact with each student and take care of their moral uplift, education and development of excellent character, as well as providing parental love and affection to each one.

Not considering hostels merely as places for boarding and lodging, here it is sacred place for the development of the students through spiritual awakening and service to society.

Upanishads preaching’s by Saints in evening assembly ascertain the aesthetic values and  our great culture and heritage.

In this the students achieve success in both the material and spiritual spheres of life.

The focus of educational system was on development of practical wisdom rather than on accumulation of information. The curriculum integrated moral values.