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Mission’s motto:

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Mission’s motto:

Motto of Shri Ramkrishna Harikrishna Academy  is “To teach other whatever you studied and to spread the good knowledge all over the world.”

Lord Shri Swaminarayan has rightly written in Shiksapatri  to spread moral and spiritual values and  good learning. To achieve this goal and to spread this noble message, we established an educational institution “shri swaminarayan mission managed by shri ramkrishna harikrishna academy”

Every child is like a seed. If a seed receives a good amount care, land, water and sunlight. It develops well and gives good fruits to society and provides light like the sun and the moon in the darkness of ignorance and shines like a star.

Keeping such a noble and wonderful purpose in our view, it’s our humble attempts to provide a child the education full of sanskar’s.

We also at shri swaminarayan mission managed shri ramkrishna harikrishna academy believe in a holistic development of a child and imparting quality learning, a way of life to combine scholastic achievements with moral values essential for success.

We impart education supported with an environment to motivate curiosity and creativity using latest methodology and technology. Our school has nourished affection, love and loyalty which develop a sense of discipline and an awesome moral character.

To accomplish the aim of the institution and to provide exposure to the students for preparing them to evolve social, moral, physical, aesthetic and personal skills at large, we conduct many activities which help them to learn, love and live a complete human life.

Mission’s motto:

We firmly believe in:

To faster progressive thinking among the students by employing latest instruction technology.

To imbibe Indian culture and heritage faced with spirituality.

To acquire wholesome growth of the student.

To provide excellence in educational provision with initiatives and inquisitive mind.

To enhance and identify hidden caliber providing ample opportunities for character building.