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The competition or condition of striving to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over others. The roots of education lie hidden in an unknown past; those of competition are even less traceable. Children spontaneously seek competition with their peers. They seem to have an innate desire to compare themselves with others in every way.  From play it is a small step to physical and intellectual contests, generally known as sports.  We offered the following house wise competition to our students.

Class Soft Board Decoration Competition ,

Hand writing Competition,

Drawing & Colouring Competition,

Chess Competition ,

Inter House Basketball Competition,

Crown Decoration Competition,

Extempore Competition,

Clay Molding Competition, 

Rakhi Making & Plate Decoration Competition,

Story Telling Competition,

Mission ‘s Best Dramabaz Competition,

Card Making Competition,

Skating Competition,

Inter House Basket Ball Competition, 

Funny Odd Dressing Competition,

Inter House Football Competition,

Solo Dance Competition,

Solo Singing Competition,

Best of our of Waste Competition,

Inter Cricket Competition etc.

Cleanness (Swatchhata ) Competition Class room wise.