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We believe that sports and games are essential for the development of brain, building confidence and help children conquer fear. The School will equally emphasizes on class room teaching along with unique co-curricular activities and physical education as active play promotes children’s health and increases creativity enabling problem solving and decision making. The school campus accommodates hitherto different sports infrastructure, with an aim to teach its students the importance of sports as a physical activity.

Our emphasis is not only limited to develop academic skills but also their physical skills too. We have a fully equipped facility for indoor and outdoor activities.

Our comprehensive sports programme ensures every child’s gets adequate exposure in various physical activities. It is mandatory for our students to participate in physical activities. We have world class sports complex and facilities comparable to national standards. Some of our activities include:







Table tennis





These indoor and outdoor activities are supervised by expert coaches. We do take into consideration the aptitude of the students for various sports and train them accordingly. The school organizes sports activities that lead to all round development of our students. In addition to teaching various sports skills, it promotes multi-dimensional activities which satisfy human urges of competition and a taste of victory. Students have the opportunity of participating in various school sports program as well as training in specific disciplines through coaching programs after school hours.